Challenges in Artificial Intelligence. Universe and Everything?

October 20, 2020

Artificial Intelligence is considered as important and advance technology these days. Tech giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon etc. are spending billions of dollars for the research purpose to get lead in Artificial Intelligence race. According to researches, it is expected that AI will raise world economy graph for more than $15 trillion in one decade. This will indeed a great hit for any company, which get lead in this technology.

Aside from its perks and technology worth of billion dollars, there are also loopholes and undetermined outcomes of AI. Some big challenges are also being faced while implementation of Artificial Intelligence in machines.


Lack of Control over Machines


When the machine is artificial intelligent, it can understand its work environment and make decisions itself without taking any instructions from human. No doubt it is very important to automate hectic tasks but on the other hand, it can be destructive too if the machine makes any unsupervised decision.

An alarming case happened at Facebook’s research centre, when they forcefully shutdown their robots, Alice and Bob because they start communicating with each other in a language which was not understandable for humans. If cases like this go on in future, this could result in terrifying outcomes when implementation on large scale. So, it is necessary to make machines must flow some set of rules before giving them the potential of being independent and autonomous.


Power-hungry Algorithms


The trend of Artificial Intelligent machines looks cool but, the implementation of these AI algorithms requires way much powerful system to compute even for just learning and training. The systems required to fully implement it need computational power which is not possible to afford for every enterprise or company. There are some solutions available for this affordability problem, but they are not for everyone to operate due to high complexity.


Decision-making is not effective


The process of decision making in artificial intelligent machines is totally based on data being fed to them and data on which they are trained. So, if there is any situation when the machine is trained on the wrong data set, the AI algorithms will perform operations according to it and affect the whole working based on its decision.

No doubt, there is a lot potential in this technology to come up with revolutionary changes in the world. But at this point, there are too many improvements need to be made for better work efficiency but implementing it in its immature form could result in undesired outcomes.

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